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2619 Leisczs Bridge Rd, Leesport, PA 19533


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Hoksila held such a beautiful 4 day ceremony for myself and the other practitioners at our healing collective. He holds so much wisdom as a medicine carrier of these ancient ways. His willingness to allow us to participate and renew our life and breath through the Inipi ceremony was nothing short of life giving and transformational. I feel healthier, happier, more connected to myself, my ancestors, the universe and I truly feel reborn. I cannot wait to experience more of the beautiful wisdom and medicines he carries. His singing and words will continue to echo on in my mind, heart and soul. Mitakuye Oasin!

Jocelyn Boettner

Owner , The Ritual Spot at Soul Centered Wellness

Hoksila has worked with me both in group and solo settings. His calm presence coupled with his powerful deep love of his Lakota lineage allows him to call upon his ancestors for guidance to help others . There is always something to learn and cleanse when working with Hoksila. When my father passed away he helped me with a ceremony for my father and myself, as well as taught me what his people believe happens for the soul within the passing journey and first year of life on the other side, as well as how we can participate in connections to our loved ones.

Amy Evans

From a strong science believer view,  growing in an ancient spiritual environment, I was looking for answers and nothing satisfied my thirst for knowledge and understanding. Similarities in art and culture between so many nations intrigued me. I am continuing to put the puzzles together, discovering the power of the intuitive intelligence with Hoksilas help and knowledge. Feeling disconnected and scattered it is a normal state to be in today days. Remembering that we are in relations with everything that moves or not, it is a new realm opened by Hoksila in my heart. Thank you for the journey!

Marina Roncea

Owner, En Masse Marketing

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